Grade 4

campbel river
British Columbia

What is Home

What is home? Home, is a place where you can go , where you can feel safe, where you can do what you want. Where you love who you can love. Home isn’t a roof with four walls. It’s where you can laugh, you can cry, where you can be angry or you can smile. Home is where you can be who you want. Home is where you have your family and sometimes your friends. Home is where love never ends. Home has memories that you will never forget your first steps , or your first words. Home isn’t just where you sleep and eat, it’s where you have fun and remember all the good times you had. For everyone who has a house, be thankful for having a roof over your head, for having fresh drinkable water and for having food that is clean and tasty . Be thankful to your family and tell your parents you love them. in the day or in the night. Make sure you say thank you to your parents for buying you clothes, jackets, blankets, pillows and beds. You can be mad or sad but remember your parents love you no matter what