Grade 6


What Is Home?

We all know that a home is a place that we live in, however there is much more to a home than four walls and a roof over our heads. I believe home is where you find peace, happiness and where you feel safe. Home is a place built by the connection of family, the bonding is what makes the home a beautiful place to live in. Home is where you and your family can be secure and safe. It is a place full of so many stories and where memories are made with the people you love. Home is where you feel comfortable, where you can truly just be yourself.

Homes are special for many reasons. There is no other place in the world where you feel at peace and comfortable like you do at home. Your house is a home because of the love and gathering of family. What makes our home special the most is the love and care, which you can only find at home.

Home can be other places too. It is not just a place, it is also a feeling. Which means, you can take your home wherever you go, such as a place you spend a lot of time at, whether it’s at school or your friend’s house. Home can be anywhere you want it to be. As long as you feel safe, comfortable and happy.

It doesn’t matter how far away we go from home, it will always be a part of us. Home is where the heart is, because it is a place where memories were made, security is found, and where I have become who I am.