Grade 6

New Brunswick

What is Home?

What is home
When my teacher first asked my class “what home means to you?” Everyone wanted to say something,but I didn’t. There were all these thoughts going through my head even though I had ideas they’d keep getting lost in negativity. She gave us lots of classes to work, I still couldn’t decide what it was. Is it the place where I did my homework? Where I lived my whole life? Where…?

Is it where I live? Where my family and pets live? Most of all somewhere I’m safe? Would mean as much if I wasn’t safe, if I no pets, most of all didn’t have a family to rely on? Would it be the same if I was alone all the time, no one too help me with my home? Would it feel the good to go outside and play or would it be somewhere I don’t want go back too or wish to run away from?

Could it happen anywhere any place even if I move countless times would I get the same feelings when in my forever home. It isn’t always house that be a house that can be a home, sometimes camp can be home same with school. I know at camp I have the same felling not so much school, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like school.

In conclusion, I’ve finally decided what home means to me! It’s a place no one can take with any power because just a house it’s a forever home with family because without family, it will never be a home!