Grade 6

Carleton Place

What is Home?

What is Home?

Home… What is home? Is Home Big or Small, Comfy or Hard, Familiar or Uneasy. Perhaps home is all of these things, or none of these things. Home is the place that you spend most of your time in, yet, somehow, it’s one of the trickiest places to define how you feel about it. After a lot of thought, this is what home means to me.

One of the first things that comes to mind when I think of home is that it is familiar. I know the area I know the people I know pretty much everything about the place that I call home. When I come home from school or a friend’s house, I know I always am going to be greeted by my dog jumping on me and my family saying hello. The five senses are always familiar to me at my home, I smell and taste my Mom and Dad’s cooking, I feel the pillows and the hugs I get, I see my room and my dog playing with his toys, and I hear my brother playing video games and my Dad watching TV. I always know where to go and when to do it at home, when I’m hungry, I head to the kitchen, when I want to play video games, I go to my room to do just that, when I want to relax, I go to the living room to chill on the couch. No matter what you do, home is always going to be familiar to you.

I can say from experience, home makes memories, even if you don’t live there anymore it’s going to have a lasting impact on you. I’ve moved around 4 times and I somehow have memories of all the places I lived. Some memories you could make at home include, playing games with your family, playing games with your friends, A memorable dream that you had, birthday parties, and every memory of your pet. Most of the memories you make at home are happy ones, but some of the memories are sad, that’s one thing I love about home, it allows you to express how you’re feeling in that moment, writing in a diary, talking with your parents, no matter what, Home is the place where your most true to yourself.

Out of everything home means to me, this one means the most to me, Home is where I see my family. To me, you can’t have home, without your family. Because my family lives with me, I have parents to confide in, a brother to chill with, and a dog to play with. Having Your Family at your house is important to making it familiar because you know your family your whole life, and they’ve known you since you were born. Without your parents, you wouldn’t have people to confide, people to take care of you, people to celebrate your birthday with, and so much more things that you parents do for you, and If you have a sibling, you have someone to play games with, chill with, chat with, and just generally have fun with. Home is a lot of things, but my family is what means most to me.

Home can mean a lot more of things, security, comfort, entertainment and it means those things to me. But home being familiar, making memories, and my family being there are the three things that make home, home to me.