Grade 5


What is home?

What Is Home?
Palindrome (Read up and down)

It is a place where it can be called
Impure, filthy, foul, and dreadful
It isn’t all full of feelings that are
Peaceful, and loving or
A place to do anything
In my opinion it is
It never can be
So let’s say that it always is
It isn’t
Where your family is that makes a home
It means
No freedom;
You can’t express yourself or
It isn’t a place where
There is comfort and
Where you live
It is a place
Where you beg not to go
It cannot be
A place for belongings or a place to be loved
It is
A few walls and mold and dust
It isn’t
What is inside that makes it count
It always is
Boring and-
Nothing to do,
It cannot have
A special feeling
It does have
A bunch of unloved people
It isn’t
Where a home is, can make you feel secure
You can say that
Home is the same as a house
You can’t say that
Home is peaceful
It is true
That home is miserable
It isn’t
Just my opinion on home