Grade 6


What is Home?

What is home?

Home, what is it? To some people home is bricks, cement, and wood. To those people home is only a place where you eat sleep and bathe. To those people home has no value of love. But to some people home is everything to them. Home means more than what it seems. Home is warm snuggles during a winter storm, home is playing board games on a rainy day. After coming home from a long dreadful day the moment you step into your home all of you dread and bad feelings disappear. The smell of your house is so unique and rich you can recognize it anywhere. Home makes you feel special and valued. No one can judge you when you are at home because everyone in your home is special. Home gives you memories that last all of your life some bad but most good. But some kids don’t have a place to snuggle on a winter day or a place to make memories. Those kids don’t have a home and that needs to change. Everyone deserves a home, because in a home everyone is perfect.