Grade 4


What Is Home?

Home is the place you can love. Home has loving family waiting to greet you. Home is loving and caring. Home has loving people to play with. Home is a fun-loving place. People like to support and encourage me. At home, there are people who like to do fun things with me. If I make a mistake no one laughs at me. Home is loving.

At home you have the freedom to do things you like. At home you can dream your dreams in freedom. Home is where you’re free to do what you want. Home is where you can dream about things you like. I like to dream about downhill skiing, hockey, skateboarding, and mountain biking. I have the freedom to play outside with my friends. At home you are free.

At home you have a cozy bed, couch and blankets to wrap yourself in warmth. Home has walls that protect you from the cold winters. In my home the heaters make it warm in the long Whitehorse winters. You can crawl into your bed to get a whole bunch of warmth. If you step outside and it’s cold you can run inside and hide under a blanket. Home wraps you in warmth.

You can only do all this at home.