Grade 4

New Brunswick

What is home?

What is home? Home is where me and my family are happy. To some people home isn’t in a house, it could be in a alley or a car if there lucky enough. That‘s why we need to be thankful. Home to me is safety, family, memories.

Safety is one important thing about home. Shelter is another. Shelter is very important because we would get very cold. Doors are important because with out them we would not be able to get in or out our house. Roofs are important because if we did not have them snow, ice and all the other stuff would get in our homes.

Family and memories are important to. Memories are very important to me because there are so many things that have happen there like my turtles, my new dog, and where I lost Monty right before school. Happiness is important because if my family was not happy it would not be good.

Memories are important because if I had no memory I would be horrible for learning. Home is where I’m growing up and I would be sad if we moved. Home is important to me because home is where all my memories are.

Home isn’t just house and you can’t leave your home. Home is memories, family, and safety. Home is where me and my family live!