Grade 4

Upper Gagetown
New Brunswick

What is Home

I have been asked what is the meaning of home. So I am going to tell you what it means to me. There are very strict differences between a house and a home. A house is physical a home is not. A home is a feeling a house is a building.

One of my main reasons is at home we have friends. They are important because they give you company. You have friends because they are good for you like if you need a shoulder to cry on. Your friends should always be there.

Another reason is family. The first thing that comes mind when I think about family is my sister’s. The second thing is company. If you do not have company who would you talk to? Third is definitely memories because if you didn’t have memories what would you do in the future?

The last reason is love. We all have it and we all need it. Sometimes if you don’t have it you get lonely and depressed and we all know that is not good. So if you are moving to a new home make sure you have love.

Now you have heard my reasons but one more thing a house is a house and a home is a home. That is home to me!