Grade 5


What is home?

Home is a place where you
Live, laugh and love,
A place where I dance around the room,
And when I look out my window I see a dove.
A place where I sleep,
And a place where I dream.
A place where I make cookies,
And eat ice cream.
Everyday I remember
Just how lucky I really am,
Even though sometimes when I go to bed,
I hear a big bam!
I remember that I have a family to love
And I have a house to live in.
And everytime I think of these things
I always have a big grin.
Everyday at school I wait to go home,
So I can see my family.
I love my family so very much,
And we live together very happily.
In my home we
Sing,dance and play.
Each home is different
In its own special way.
Mine is where I do all these
Very special things.
And each day we grow stronger
And grow our wings.