Grade 5

North York

What Is Home?

Home is a place where everyone should be accepted
A place to be happy, enjoyable, peaceful, and pleasant
A place where I get warmth like the sun
A place where I grow up in harmony
A place where I can always be cheered up

Every inch in my home
Makes me feel I am always being loved
And it puts a smile on my face
Home will never let me down
Because home is always there for me

Home is a magical land to be and to see
It is where dreams are meant to be

Home is always very precious to me
Home is a place with all different kinds of feelings
That can be expressed whenever I am in my home
Sheltering, caring, loving, protecting me
These are what home can do for me
When I see what home truly is
There is actually more than just that

When I see what home is
There are actually no other places
And nowhere else to go
Other than the place I call home
This is what home means to me