Cara Colis-Rejano

Grade 6


What is Home?

That’s a good question. “What is home?” Well, my home means everything to me. It’s where I sleep, eat, and chill. I am very thankful to have all these things and hope that people who are less fortunate will soon be able to have what we all have. To me, it doesn’t matter what the house and size looks like, it’s the people in it that makes it home. That’s what I love about mine.

Sometimes my family would make jokes when I’m sad to cheer me up. Another thing I like about my home is that I feel safe when I’m sleeping, relaxing, fooling around, and much more. I also enjoy my home a lot because it’s also a place where I can spend my own time with my family. There are other places too where I can go but my home would be the number one place. Besides we’re not using money for gas. I think everyone has a different meaning of their home and I think every home is special. And every special home, should have someone special to live in it. So, I hope that this company will help provide homes to as many people as they can.