Grade 6


What is Home?

The word home has many meanings. In the dictionary, the definition of home is; The place in which one’s domestic affections are centered. Although the dictionary might house the official meaning, it has other meanings. For example, to one person, home may mean a loving family. To another, it may mean a safe place. Although it’s important to focus on the positive meanings, it’s also important to remember that the word home also has negative connotations for some people. Many people don’t have a home or have an improper or unsafe home and it’s important to remember that. But what is home’s true meaning?

Home is somewhere you can have your guard down without fear of hurt from others. Somewhere you can be yourself without fear of judgment or betrayal. Somewhere you can be alone and still feel protected from harm. It’s necessary to have a safe place free from the plague of judgment and harm.

Home isn’t one specific person, place, or thing; home is a feeling and can be anything. Home can be a thing, a warmth when you see a dumb photo. Home can be a place, relaxing in a family house after a long day. Home can also be a person, a sudden rush of happiness when seeing someone ( a friend, a family member, etc). Home can be anything, but really, home is a feeling.
Not everyone has a home, as unfortunate as it is. roughly 150 million people are homeless in the world and 1.6 billion people lack adequate housing. Some of these people were born without a home. Some of these people had their home taken away. Some people don’t think they deserve a home. Having a home is important, everyone deserves one, and everyone should have access to one.