Grade 5


What is Home?

I think everyone should have a home! Don’t you think so, too?
Just imagine what it would be like to not have a home. You can’t go inside to get warm when there is a snow storm. You can’t eat the food you enjoy eating. You don’t have a family to live with and talk to. You don’t have a heated house to cuddle up by the fire and watch tv or play on your devices.

When you don’t have a home you can’t feel comfortable doing anything. People that are outside walking try not to even look at you because they think you’re not as good as others that have homes. Think about what you have that homeless people don’t have. There’s a big difference between what you have and the homeless. For example, you live in a house with four walls, a roof, a floor, a cupboard with piles of food in it, a refrigerator with lots of food in it, a
table to eat with your family, and have a couple of laughs.

People who don’t have a home don’t get to sleep in comfortable beds like you do. I really think you should help homeless people have a cozy home to live in. If not, at least donate a couple of dollars or take them out for a meal. Do something that will make their day!

Home is not a house. It’s a place where you can have fun, play and do things you want to do in life. Home is a place to feel comfortable to do anything you dream to do. Some people don’t have that in life, so remember to be thankful for what you have.