Grade 6

Conception Bay South
Newfoundland and Labrador

What Is Home?

The place of security, where all guilt and wrongs are forgiven. The place where you feel what you truly want to feel without the pressures of beyond. Where you know that you are safe.

People take this for granted, for they have not known of what lies ahead. You may live your life in luxury, inside of what is home to yourself, but others; Others are not as fortunate as thou self. For much not known within our small home, we stand protected by barriers blocking out what you wish not see. You unsee everything you wish to never from beyond. You undo every wrong you have committed from beyond. You feel that security that you will always feel. Until it is gone. Until everything you have worked for, every sin you’ve decided forget, until it all comes rustling back, slowly seeping back into your brain and shivers descend upon your spine. Left with no home. Left with nothing but you and yourself. Beckoning for some way back. You feel the truth but decide that it is false. Leaving yourself with a feeling of dread and monotonous pleading. Useless. You know what you wish not. You see what you wish not seen. Everything is wrong. It is no longer your control of what happens among your home for it is simply not there. Every waking moment, every little wrong piles into your mind feeding upon your happiness until you’re left with nothing.

What I have just described to you seems foreign and scary. Causing you to feel that emotion, correct? Well that is the truth. That is what a lot of people feel and what we do not. That is being stripped of everything you’ve owned. What home truly means is being secure with the possibility that the future will go on. Not all joy lasts forever. And to enjoy it while it lasts. That is home. Home is where you feel the safest. Home is where your love resides. So cherish it.