Grade 4


What is Home

What is in my house? Probably your thinking furniture, tables , food, pets and more.
But what do you know about homes? Homes are a family place where love is always accepted, a place where you feel re- energized and vigorous. Other people don’t have a home but they have each other. Other people don’t have much food but they have hard working parents who try their best to provide just for their families. Here is a story about a rich man and a poor man. The rich man had so much wealth that it went past the line that he did not realize how poor are the other people. Carelessly he passed a poor man without giving him some food and another man went to get the rich man ,he told the rich man, “you have so much wealth yet you do not use it properly to give to the poor!” The rich man said, “I will not give anything without them giving something to me back! You are not going to get away with me today!, said the other man. Some time later they traveled to a poor family’s little cottage. The rich man said “poof!” they have no price. Their not important. But the other man said “no” you have servants but they have their family you have money but they have each other. The rich man realized his wrong so he went and had a HUGE feast at the poor family’s cottage. That’s a home.