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What Is Home

What Is Home
Home is a place where fond memories are held and new ones are made
Home is a place where you enjoy playdates or sleepovers with your friends
Home is a place where you cuddle in your bed and wait till the day ends
Home is where you pack your hockey bag to get ready for the final game of the season
Home is where you watch your favorite show with your family
Home is where you gather around the fire place to be warm when its cold
Its where you swim in your pool enjoying the weather
Or when you watch the stars late at night as you enjoy the day you had
Home is where you go to school and play with your friends and learn new subjects
Home is where you treated equal with nobody commenting you
Home is where you treat others the way you want treated
Its where you show dignity, kindness and respect
Home is a place where you enjoy sports and cooperative games
Home is where you cheer a friend or help a friend
Home is where meet neighbors you’ve never meet
Home is where you do your homework together and argue
Home is where you make funny jokes and laugh
Everyone should have a home to share experiences, love, kindness and encouragement.