Grade 5


what is home

Home is a place where people ’s hearts are. Now I don’t really remember about my home that much – about the home that I lived in before Canada. But I do remember the things I did with the people that I like because no one can forget that. I don’t really know how people that are so old remember when they were little kids. I think that it’s so hard because I have not grown up yet. Home is something that no one can forget about especially the people that are very old. Home is also where their hearts are since they were born. So I think that’s so hard because I don’t really have that many memories. I’m still a kid. Well, some of the kids have really bad memories because of stuff that happened with family or friends or someone they like, or they don’t have any people to be with, but they have something special that they can remember them by. It makes them feel like it’s their home.

What does home mean to you? Home means a lot to me and home for me is where my family is. It doesn’t matter wherever I go. If my family is not with me I don’t call the place I’m in a home. Well, I can call it a house, but not a home because as I said I only call a home where my family is. People say I’m going home but if their heart is not there they don’t just call it home because their heart is not there. When there is a home for you because whoever you like is there and you left that home and you came back to that home and everything you like is gone, it’s not home.