Grade 5


What is home

I don’t remember a lot about my home in Syria. I do remember we had chickens, goats and cows.I always feed them. my goat in Syria when I get close to him he will hit me. But we hat to pack up and leave quickly, so we had to leave almost everything. when we went to Turkey and even we had to leave our pictures when I was small. At turkey my little brother’s name was olgagon we had to change my little brother’s name because people in Turkey they don’t like that name because that is our Government name we like him because he helps Syria people he’s nice but he died because turkey government doesn’t like our government so they killed him so he is dead. So turkey people don’t like Syria people. If they know that my little brother’s name is Olgagon they will kill us. My mom’s sister’s was there in turkey, so when we left turkey, we gave our clothes and other things to people who needed them. And my mom gave some things to her friends and her sisters and some to her mom’s. We signed up to move to Canada because it is a safe place. My family feels comfortable. Home is where you feel safe and where your family is. And where you feel Love and where you are comfortable.