Grade 6

Middle Sackville
Nova Scotia

What Is Home

To me, home isn’t just brick walls and a roof. Home is a place where I can relax. It’s a place that feels safe.

Home looks like my dog’s brown fur everywhere. Home looks like my dad cooking supper for me and my family. Home looks like my brother throwing his smelly socks everywhere. My home may look different, but it’s perfect for me.

Home smells like my mom’s floral perfume. It smells like homemade cookies that just came out of the oven. Home smells like my brother’s dirty feet. It also smells like my dog, but it smells nice to me.

Home sounds like my dog barking at every little noise. It sounds like my parents talking about bills. It sounds like my brother getting mad about Fortnite. It also sounds like my pet bird chirping. Home sounds loud, but very quiet at the same time.

For me, home is a place that I can make memories in. It’s a place that I can wake up every day and feel grateful that I live in such a wonderful place. Home is something that I feel comfortable in. Home is a great place.