Grade 5

Nova Scotia

What is Home?

What Is Home?

Home to me is a lot of things, and when I think of what home means to me I realize that it means a lot not just to me ,but it means a lot to my family, too.

When I think of home I think of shelter, I think of family, I also think it’s a safe place to be.

Every time I get off the bus at home I instantly hug my mom and nanny, and I sit down and play with my dogs Luey and Eva for 10-20 minutes every day. When I am done I go to my kitchen to get a drink, and then I play with Luey and Eva for a little longer. (So as you can see, home really means family to me, so now I will list some more things home means to me).

Home also means shelter, as I said in the beginning. Shelter to me means food to keep me well fed and alive, shelter also means family to keep me safe and make me feel like I really matter when it comes to being with my family(in my opinion). Home is where I stay most of the time, the only time I leave my home is when I’m going for a visit to family and friends. The only other time I leave the house is when I go shopping in my home town or Bridgewater(NS Nova Scotia)

I also love my family, dogs, and my friends, too, so in my opinion home also means love. My family loves me and my friends are the best friends I’ve ever had. My friend, Grayson Thistle, is really nice to me all the time. Once in a while me and Grayson visit each other’s houses. We like to play games (outside, online) together. My family and I always eat food together every day just like a family. Normally after dinner(supper) we play board games for 30 minutes to 1 hour, then I go in my room and play some games on Xbox with my friends. Afterwards I call Grayson to say hi and we talk for 10 minutes until I need to do something else.

When I am done talking with Grayson I have a snack and some juice before reading with my mom before getting ready for bed. Before I go to bed I go to the bathroom and get a drink to take to bed then I am ready for the next day to come.

And that’s what home means to me.