Grade 4


What is Home?

What home is to me is something nice.
Only some things are bad, especially animals, like mice.
My home has a roof, some walls, windows, and a door.
That’s not it, there is definitely way more.

My parents make us really yummy food.
So we are all happy, and we are not in any mood.
After a long day at school, I want to see my house.
I want to go to my living room, and lounge on my couch.

I have a happy sister , amazing mom, and a happy dad.
I am really happy, they are not so bad.

My home is as sweet as a chocolate cake.
Because near my home, there is a beautiful lake.

Even if this poem was short,
At my house, there is a fort.
That I sort and sort until it is all nice.
And the good thing is,
There is nothing bad,
Like head lice.