Grade 6

New Dundee

What Is Home?

What Is Home?
No, home isn’t always a house, a residence with four walls a roof, home could be anywhere, from an apartment to a bungalow, to a house in the trees. Home is somewhere that you feel safe, loved, and protected. I want you to think of your favourite animal, whether it be a turtle, rabbit, or even a moose. Now, think. Where is that creature’s home? It could be huddled together in a nest with its family, or even hiding in a hole in the soft earthy ground at the roots of the tree containing said nest. See, home could be anywhere, But it doesn’t need to be a house. A house is a structure, supported by beams, and wood, but a home is a safe place supported by love, and connections. Home is not having the fear of being yourself, being loved and feeling safe. I will now ask you one last time, what is home?