Grade 6


What Is Home?

What Is Home?

Today I will be talking about what home is to me. People might think home is a mansion in Beverly Hills or a hut in Afganistan, but home to me is family, happiness, and memories. Whether you have a mansion or hut, it doesn’t always mean the mansion has a better home. Yes, the mansion might have big walls and beautiful designs, but what does that bring? Nothing, nothing except for a big beautiful space, but as you can see mansions don’t always have family, happiness, or memories. But truly, what is home without family, happiness, or memories? Now, let’s get deeper as we find more out about what I think is home.

Home is sitting on the dinner table and laughing with your family, home is watching movies with your family, home is when you play board games with your family, home is family. So many years and people still think home is money, designs, chairs, and space, but truly home is family, which brings happiness, which then brings memories. Yes, you may live in a mansion, but that does not mean your happy, and happiness is the most important thing. Family brings happiness. And when your happy life is the best it could be. That’s why family is home, and home is you.

Furthermore, here is why everyone should have a home. People without homes are lonely, they have no family. And having no family can cause loneliness, which kills. That’s why I am so grateful that every time someone writes something and hands it on to the website, they donate money to people without homes. Home also brings happiness, food, warmth, and safety. However, people without homes don’t have any of those things, which puts them in danger. Think of everything you have at home right now gone, how would you feel? Scared, of course, thats why this was made, to help raise money for those people who have to feel that way.

In conclusion, home to me is family, happiness, and memories. Because, without family, happiness, or memories, what is life? But just remember, everyone has a different opinion on what home is, and that was mine.