Grade 6

Middle Sackville
Nova Scotia

What Is Home?

What is home?
Home is different for everyone but, to me home is a place that you feel loved and you like the people there. A place where you can be yourself. You feel safe wherever your home is. A home is not a house, a house is just a building, a home is where you make happy memories. You feel comfortable and you can say and do whatever you want. It’s somewheres you like being and are excited to go wherever it is. A place of friendship, and the people there you like being around. It’s a place where there is someone you can talk to, like a friend, or an adult you trust. The people there support you and make you feel confident about yourself and your decisions. A home is a place you have fun and are happy. You laugh and smile more than you cry and frown. My home isn’t with my family, but for some people it is, for me it isn’t my birth family, but the people there you count as family.