Grade 6

New Brunswick

What Is Home?

Living in Canada…

Sounds like the snowplow cleaning the road and your mom telling you there’s no school.

Smells like fresh air and cold winds.

Tastes like fresh pancakes with real maple syrup every morning.

Looks like people trying to shovel the snow and ice of their driveways.

Feels like cold snow in your boots and down your coats.

Do you ever wonder what the word home means to people who don’t even have a house?

Would they think it means a safe place, a place for their family or maybe just a normal house?

Do you ever wonder what people wish for when they a house but, it’s not livable?

Would they wish for a bed, running water, food, power, or maybe even a roof?

The things we all take for granted.

Home is where you here laughter.

Home is where you smell fresh cookies and stinky cleaning supplies.

Home is where you taste delicious Thanksgiving dinner every year.

Home is where you see the sunny sky when you wake up every morning.

Home is where you feel loved.