Grade 6


What is Different From a house and a Home?

Home is where you feel safe,
A house is a structure,
That’s built with wood.
Home is a structure,
That’s built with love and hope,
A home is where we snuggle up with family,
A house is where you only sit in your room and never have fun,
Yes you live in both but they’re different. In one you love and in a house you live,
A home keeps you warm in cold and harsh times,
A house does not care at all,
When you were out in the rain and a storm comes,
a home warms you up while a house only shields you,
a home you remember,
a house you dont care,
a home is where the heart is,
a heart is not in a house,
You love a home and you live in a house,
in a home you laugh and love,
a house you don’t enjoy,

Love comes in many shapes and sizes a home is one of them