Grade 5


What Is A Home

There are over a billion houses around the world but what makes these houses homes? Many things can make these houses homes.

First of all, it doesn’t matter where you live, in a big house or a small house as long it feels like a home. How does a it feel like a home? Well a house feels like a home when you feel safe When you feel like you are happy. A home is a place where you will not get bullied. It is a place where you live in peace and will not get hurt. It does not matter if you share a room with a sibling. As long as you have a room and you do not have to share it with other people.

Secondly, a home is a place of laughter, happiness, anger life and love. It is a place for family bonding time, hanging out with friends. A place filled with old, funny sad, happy and more memories. To me a home is like a giant photo album field with adventures, parties, happiness, family,sad events and many more things. Your home shall never be forgotten.

In conclusion, my home is special to me because when you walk in you smell delicious food prepared by my grandmother.The happiness and the love of my parents and brother.