Grade 6

Nova Scotia

What Is A Home To You?

What is a home to you? A home to me is a nice welcoming, cozy place to be yourself. A place where you can make memories and grow up throughout your lifetime. It’s the place where most people start their life.
When I think about my home, I think of my 2 dogs, my family and a space where I can be myself.
I have many memories with my awesome family. Memories of when we got our dog, birthdays, Christmases, family outings, going to our cottage and so on.
One very special memory was when we were going to go camping but a storm hit and we could not go. My Dad made the tent in the basement and put fake grass strips on the floor to make it seem like we were outside. I was so excited!
Home is a home whether it’s big or small, it’s not the size that matters, it’s knowing that the people around you, love you and are there for you. I like to go to bed knowing that I’m safe and sound. I’m so grateful for everything I have. I have a roof over my head and a loving family who love me for who I am.
I think everyone deserves a roof over their head .