Grade 6

lower sackville
Nova Scotia

What is a home to me?

What is a home?

Home is a place where we can sleep and have the advantage to wake up in a comfy bed. Not only that but home is a place where we can make the memories, the bad ones and the good ones. Home is where you can come to after a hard long day out, and it’s a safe place where you can rest. Home is a place that you get to eat and have the privacy to use the bathroom.

The place we call home is the place we grow up. You may have moved to another house but each house we move into feels so empty as a cave when you walk in, but once you bring your family into it it turns into your home. You don’t need to put up pictures or put chairs at the kitchen table, home is home once you put the people in it. It’s where the family is that we call home. Even if your childhood house is as far away across the world you still call it home because that’s where all the memories and family are.

Some people don’t realize this but all homes might not look like a mansion it’s the little things that matter right? Well home is something that you can make feel like your home. Your house can look however you want it to look like. It’s your home!

So home is a place where your family can have fun. Every squeak when you walk down the hallway, every crack on the door handle, they get there from people living in them, without any of those things your home is still waiting to have a family in them. For example if you had a bike that everybody had but you never rode it and then one day you finally read it and then you were on it every day, you will get little indents and scratches on it but they’re there for a reason because you have memories for all the places that you went on it. Your home is the place with the most memories

And last but not least home to me is a place where you can do anything and be with anybody you want. It’s where the heart is.