Grade 5

British Columbia

What is a Home? A Spoken Word Poem

What is a home? The structure of a home is like a sapling of a family, no matter where I roam, the passion stays inside of me. The endless night sky’s, the endless possibilities.
What is a home? It’s the time and personality, it builds me up as a person, and supports my mentality. Home is always near, even if all the paths are clear, nearest to me, my dear family Is my home.
What makes a home? It’s a place where you can run to or shelter from the sun. I am very fortunate to have a home like this one, somewhere, anywhere, a place where I can be safe and sound.
If home was a taste, it would be sweet like fresh honey, having a home is better than having too much money. Having a home would smell like a blooming, red rose, like the story my dad told me about how he proposed. If my home was a sight, all I’d remember would be white, from handwritten messages, and cold snowball fights. Then comes nightfall the best of it all, when the birds swoop away, and the moonlight installs. What is a home? It’s the structure of a story, it binds together the pages, and slowly ages.
Where is my home? It’s the land of my family, where sadness is banned and so is outside reality.
What is a home? It’s like a black bear dome, turns out that bears too have a home sweet home. Maybe it’s not grand and large, like a kingdom’s land, maybe it’s small and cute, like a little fruit.
What is a home? It’s the end and beginning of a brand new friend- sometimes that depends, but having a home is like happiness with no end.