Grade 6


What is a Home?

You may be wondering “what is my favourite place on earth” and the truth is, we all know its home.

My first idea of home is family. Your family cares about you. You are family to them and they are family to you. No matter what, family will be family even if you are in a dark moment. Every night, you go to bed knowing they love you and it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. When you are with your cousins, you enjoy being around them and they enjoy being with you. Whether you have a completely opposite personality to your siblings, they ignore that and still love you.

Another idea of home is that nice “im home” feeling. If you are at the mall or shopping with your parents, you feel exhausted. A long day of just walking around and you are tired. And on the way home you can not wait to get home because you home is your safe spot. At home you have your bed, family and everything you love. When you arrive home after a long day you just let go of all the stress and calm down. You start to feel happy and energetic when you get home.

My final idea of home is that you can do anything you want a home. You could balance a spoon on your forehead or eat pizza while doing a handstand. You can jump on a trampoline with your dog and then run around the house.you can eat a mint and then drink ice cold water and bite a lollipop. Your home can be whatever you want it to be. You just got to remember that it is always gonna be your home no matter what you do to it. And that’s what makes it your home.

Being at home is not the same without family. Because they are also apart of your home. And remember, your home will always be your home no matter what.