Grade 4


What is a Home?

What is Home?
Home is an important place bound by people, connected by blood. Home consists of a family that has a Father, Mother and children(which may also include boys and girls). As things evolve we know that the types of home are of different types and forms. As for me, I have a Nuclear family which includes my Dad, my Mum, my Siblings and I. Home gives assuredness.
First and foremost, I see home as a place for growth, in-order words the beginning of a child’s journey to the open World. Home is a place that we build memories as we grow and those memories that come from our families play a role in our mood and happiness . I see home as a place where trust grows. I see home as a place where love begins. I see home as togetherness. Home is for your well-being and comfort. Home is where a family is built. Home is where a family resides.
Secondly, Home is a relaxing place to be. Home provides safety. Home is a dwelling place. Home is a family group, a nation. Home is a safety zone. Home is a place where you can feel free and be yourself. Home is a place where you can share your emotions and feelings. A home is built by the bond of the family. Home is not made by what it is built by; it is made by the people who live in it. A true home is built by the bond and love of a family.
Thirdly a home is where you play with friends and family and the bond of a family can never be broken.
In conclusion, Home is for togetherness. Home provides all you need and once more a family’s bond can never be broken.