Grade 4


What Is A Home

What Is A Home
Hi, my name is Emma! What do you think, is home? Personally to me a home isn’t just a place with walls and a roof to me it is a special place where you can laugh, love and just be yourself. All of the houses deserve a loving and caring family. A home is always a beautiful place, show home or not. Houses are all over the world and they should have families across the world. Even if they are a show home. Show homes may be nice to look at but, all people deserve a home and no one should be homeless. People are all over the world and they should have a home even if it is a small tent. People all around the world should at least donate 1$ a year for the homeless, so they can buy a home someday. People who are homeless have to be in a homeless shelter.I think that we can change the world. Please donate your time or money to the homeless. Please be nice, be kind, and donate 1$ or your time for the homeless. For every one.