Grade 5


What is a Home?

Home is a place where I can roam,and be safe in for a long time.
Home is also a place where I can socialize with my family and grow a better bond with them.
It is built for people to live,to feel comfortable,and feel happy in.
Not all homes last forever,and not all homes are safe,but most homes are the opposite of that.
Homes have lots of meanings to them,you can build many memories,watch a family movie,cook with your siblings,and ask for help when you need it.
All homes are built in a different and unique way,some people don’t like that,and some people do.
You can’t always live in the same home,many people have to move houses for many reasons.Either because because your home is a farther distance,you move to another country due to business,or many other reasons,but everyone should appreciate where they live and the people who live near them.