Grade 6


What is a Home?

What Is A Home
What is a home to you?
It’s where you feel safe and loved, where you feel happiness,anger,sadness,fear.
A home is where your loved the most.
Where you share memories and secrets.
Home is your happy place.
Where the sun shines the most.
A home is where your heart EXPLODES with emotions.
It isn’t just a place, it is the place of your dreams.
Where you cry buckets of tears and laugh the biggest laughs.
Where you should have no fears but be proud of who you are.
You should have no regrets and be embarrassed to do nothing.
Where you are relaxed all the time.
A home is a story growing like a flower.
Is all starts with a seed and grows along with you, one step at a time.
You start underground not knowing much and reach toward the sun
a seed, a sprout a blossom, a flower.
With each step you come closer to a new memory, and when it’s made it’s stored in the roots of your house.
Your house is part of your family, all it’s walls,windows,cabinets, it’s all a part of you.
When your sad, you might cry in your room, it’s walls shelter you like a baby.
You and your home.
We are all very lucky to have a home.
Some of us take are home for granted but no, we should be thankful.
A house is much more than walls,cement glass and wood, burrows nest,cages and hives but is what we carry in are heart.

We all might not live in a building but we all have a home.
It’s where we feel safe,loved,cared for.
Are home may not be big,fancy,safe or beautiful.
But they can be all we want them to be in are heart.