Grade 4

New Brunswick

What is a Home?

What is a home? A home is where your family is safe. A home is where your family feels comfortable. A home is where you have shelter and have a roof over your head. A home is a place where you can call home.

What a family feels like is when you know they are there for you and they make sure that you are safe with them at all times. They don’t want you to be scared or hurt.

Now let’s talk about safety of course you should feel safe in your home but some people just can’t call it my sweet safe home. Safety should feel safe secure or strong if you have a wet sealing or no doors or even no roof I wouldn’t call that safe I would call that dangerous and dirty I don’t think that’s safety. What safety should feel like is when there is doors and there and there is a roof over your head and there is clean floors and there is good and stable stairs that is what safety should feel like.

Shelter should look safe when you have a well build home where there is a roof and doors and stairs or maybe something else. Shelters can help with everything it helps people to avoid sleeping outside or living outside and losing their poor lives and no one even cares. It can also help with health.

Some people can’t afford a home or a shelter and it’s hard not having one so hopefully someone in the world is lucky and thankful that they have a home or a safe shelter.