Grade 4


What is a Home?

A home is a comfortable place for every human. Just like a habitat for every animal. Every human should feel like there protected from everything. A home is a spending time with everyone you love. Humans should have a home with everything they need. It has furniture, it has a bedroom and it is a shelter.
The question is what is a home? A home is what you need to survive. Homes are your friend because it`s a back-up. Think about it: What is a home? Think … Houses are not just a shelter but it protects you. From weather like a storm or a snow blizzard.
A home is your happy place where it feels nice. What does a home feel like? Does it feel like fun, happy, silly or jolly? Well it`s all of them because you make it happen in your special house. In that house you make memories you`ll never forget. Houses are unforgettable memories you`ll always remember.
In your childhood house it’s your first step. It feels refreshing. Then you grow up and you can rent your childhood house. That day your memories come back when you were a kid. A family is what makes a home, right. You have your love ones with you. You`ll gather some ideas from your parents to be safe. A home is a happy place you can play in and have fun. That`s what makes a home to answer your question
Houses are where you make mistakes then you learn your lesson and never do it again. A home is so bright like a fire place. What does a house look like? I know! Each house has a unique style just like us. We have our own style for cloths and shoes. Mistakes are learning and trying your best to grow just like a home.