Grade 6


What is a Home?

Almost everyone knows what a house is, but do they know what a home is? Houses are cold, empty structures that can just be bought. It is really just wood and stone. A home, however, is a place of life and growth. Memories thrive in the environment of a home. There is something about a home that really makes you feel warm, safe, and loved.
First of all, a home is not always luxurious. Some people’s homes consist of a small hut. Habitat for Humanity can provide safe and luxurious homes that still have potential for memories. Some people live in shelters. These are exactly what they sound like. Sure, it is a roof over your head, but it is not a proper home.
A house will keep you warm and dry, but there is a different feeling inside of the house. Your body may be warm in the house, but your heart will not be warm. Simply put, you do not feel good in a house. You do not feel safe or loved. In a home, you feel very safe and loved.
Things that make a home special are different to everybody. There may be a certain photograph, or refrigerator magnet that makes you feel special. For me, when I look at the pantry, I think about how lucky I am to have copious amounts of food. When I look at photographs of my family, I am reminded of how wonderful and special my family is.
People need homes, and I want to help people get homes. With Habitat for Humanity, this is possible.