Grade 5


What is a home?

I don’t know about the meaning of home, because I can’t picture a home, I just picture my home. You can only capture the feeling you feel when you’re in your home. Some may say they want a fancy kitchen in their home, or a nice bedroom. Really, what you want is the feeling that you are going to get when you have that. It’s the feeling that counts. This is something people should be conscious about.

Many people have a home, it might not be the nicest, and it might not be much, but they have what they need. I don’t want to assume anything about the way others do things if I don’t know anything about them. I do know however, that income affects us all, and it can affect the way we live, but it shouldn’t affect how we live. You don’t need a huge house to live a nice life. Your mood is also affected by who you are around. You live in your community, not just your home. Lots of people feel at home when they have a nice community. Just stay happy, do the best you can do, and there are more ways to do that then people think.

When I think of home, there’s no word that comes to mind. It is it, and I can’t describe home because home is home. Maybe it’s the feeling of having something that is all yours, or that it is something that you can put your life into, but it must make you feel good. I want to say ‘’I could only imagine’’ not having a home, but I can’t. It feels like they’re is an unavoidable gap between me and them. I want to break barriers, and be part of the solution to end homelessness.