Grade 5


What is a Home

What if you didn’t have a home? Most people you see do, but there are lots of people that don’t have a home. These people should feel comforted, loved and they should be able to create memories.
Going home and flopping down on my couch is comforting to me. I feel free to do whatever I want. Comfort could be watching a movie, reading or stuff you like to do.
Love can be with your family, friends or a toy or object. When you are loved you should feel belonging. You should feel loved and connected to your family.
Making memories is an important thing, like your first words or when you were born. If you are happy then you have made memories and will continue to make them as you get older. Memories are experience and happiness.
So what is a home? Home is a place where you should feel comforted, loved and have been able to look back on all of it. Where you can snuggle up on the couch. But what’s a home without your family there with you?