Grade 6

Prince george
British Columbia

What is a Home?

You may have heard the quote, “Home is not a place it’s a feeling.”- Cecelia Ahern. To the mind a home is a physical place where people live, but really a home is a feeling from the heart. Some people don’t have a home, so we should be grateful for what we have. To me a home is family and friends, comfort and support, along with love and memories.
A home is where you can spend time with friends and family. To me family makes a home feel more special. If you’re feeling happy, sad, angry, or anything else you can talk to them. A home is made up of family and friends so they can support you. Not only are your family and friends there, but a home is filled with comfort and support.
Comfort and support are things that every home should have. If you’re going through tough times, or you just need someone to talk to, a home has all the comfort and support you need. If you want to go to your room to have some space and comfort, you can do that, but if you want to talk then someone is there to support you. To go with that support in a home you can make so many memories among all the love.
I know that in every home people make memories they can never forget. A home also makes amazing memories. Those memories can be anything from jumping on the trampoline to eating a big Christmas dinner. Even if you travel and make memories there your home will hold the memories you share with it.
A home is filled with family, friends, comfort, support, memories, and most importantly love. Everyone deserves a home.