Grade 6

New Brunswick

What is a Home?

What is a home?

A home is not a house, building or apartment. A home is a comfortable place you make yours. In a home, you should feel safe with your family. A home should be a place where you laugh, cry and let everything out without judgement.

To me, a home is where I make memories with friends and family. A place where I can trust the people around me and I am trusted. In a home I never feel alone and I am always surrounded by loved ones. A home is where I wake up to the soft sound of my mother’s voice and go to sleep with warm hugs from my parents. When I am ill I am surrounded by loves one who are always there to help me. At home we sit around the table to eat our delicious homemade supper and talk about our day. After a long day at school I love to come home to my loving family and have a great time

To you a home might be different but you are probably loved. You probably have an amazing family who appreciates you for who you are. If you ever feel lonely you should have someone to talk to. It does not matter what you have or how much of it, all that matters is that you are loved.