Grade 4

British Columbia

What is a Home?

A home might not be fancy bricks stone or wood. It’s where you´re safe and cozy. Even if it’s a cardboard box, a trash can, a garbage dump or a house, it can still be a home. Sometimes a house isn’t a home because you’re not loved, you’re troubled or you’re always upset. Some kids live in garbage dumps and don’t know there are better houses out there but that doesn’t mean it’s not a home. A home can hold cherished moments like memories that started from when you were born. It holds love and hope. You can have an amazing life in a cozy and loved home. A house is where you can become anything–from a normal person to someone amazing!! A home is where you can cry and do things your way without being judged. It’s somewhere HAPPY!! No matter what. A home can be any shape, any size, anywhere, but at least you have somewhere to go back. Even if it’s a landfill and someone asks you where are you going, you can say HOME! In other words HOME is happiness, open love, memories and an escape from reality.

Open love
Escape from reality

……because a loved home starts with your happiness and the key to happiness is a home and you.