Grade 4


What is a Home?

What is a Home?
Do you know what a home is? If you don’t, I will tell you.
A home is where you can laugh and cry without hesitating. A home is safe and peaceful. In a home you can smell your mom making yummy supper, lunch or even breakfast. In a home there are people who lift you higher in life. In my home I spend time with my family. A home does not have walls, a roof, or a floor. It has family, love and safeness. Some of the sounds I hear are video games and music. When I get home, I go to my bed and I put my head on my pillow and it feels just right because if you put your head on someone else’s pillow it does not feel right. A house is not a home because a house is a building. A home is a home forever because you travel with a home and never leave it behind.