Grade 6

British Columbia

What Is A Home

What is a home?
By: Jacqueline Baliski
A home is a place with food for a family,
It is sure to fill the fridge and freezer with plenty of piquancy.

A home is a place where you are safe while you sleep,
And secure from lots and lots of mysteries.

A home is a place where you frolic with family and friends,
You can have fun for hours but not forever.

A home is a place where if you have a problem your family will help,
Sort out the wrinkles stitch up your scars,
So that nothing can get to you not even words.

A home is a place that is warm and comfortable,
When I get home on a cold winter day,
I am grateful my house is as warm as the furnace.

A home is a place where love circle’s through the air,
To make sure that the love between all of us is fair.

A home is not just a building it is a special place that you depend on,
And it is also your special Home just for you.