Grade 4

British Columbia

What is a home?

A home is a place where you are safe, comfy and happy. It gives you a shelter, warmth, and joy in your heart. Your home should not be cold and lonely, but there will be some sad moments. A home is where you can cry and laugh. A place where you can celebrate and relax. A place to eat and sleep. A home is a very special place.

A happy home has family members you love and is a place you love. Your home should be filled with love. You make memories you will never forget in your home. It’s a place where you can just be yourself and be free. You can discover, learn and create in your home. Your home may not be fancy, but no matter what happens you will call it home.

Your home should be clean, cozy, fun and give you privacy. Your home could be big or small, new or old, quiet and peaceful or loud and noisy. A house is not a home unless you make it your lovable home. If you are unhappy in your home and you do not love your home, it is not a home.

You should always know that a home is very important in your life and everyone should have a home.

But not everybody has a home like you and I do. What would it be like if everyone had a home? I think the world would be a much happier place.