Grade 5


What is a Home?

Home is where I can go to be sad,
To be happy, frustrated, angry or mad.
The place where my family accepts who I am,
A place like a beaver building its dam.

It’s the place where I learned to get up when I fall,
The place where I will grow up to be tall.
This place is where I will grow to be strong,
And learn to be honest when I’ve done something wrong.

I love my home, the kitchen, my room.
Even the bathroom, the basement of doom.
But those aren’t the things that make up a home,
The love on the inside makes it my own.

You see, the heart of the house is the family inside,
The laughter, the love, the fun and the pride.
These are simple things that I take for granted,
The life in this house is a seed being planted.

Home is a place where I feel complete,
Somewhere I feel I don’t have to compete.
Everyone should have a home just like mine,
A home where you will always feel just fine.

I realize I’m lucky to have all of this stuff,
My walls and my roof is just more than enough,
But everyone else deserves a home like me,

Everyone should have a home
A place that they can call their very own.