Grade 5


What is a Home?

A home is a place where you feel welcomed. Is a home a place where you smell your parents favourite candles burning? Or is a home a place where you hop into the bath? Well they are both homes,a home can be anything you imagine as long as it’s special to you. A home can be where you put all your stuff, a home is where you can be whatever you want, tu peus parler n’importe quelle langue tu veux and do whatever you want. In my home I speak english, I have two sisters, two brothers and three mothers, you are probably wondering how I have three mothers well two of my mothers were dating but they seperated and now one of them is dating my new mom and they recently got married. In my home I feel very welcomed, In my home I can wear blue clothes, pink clothes, sparkly clothes and evan no clothes, I can wear makeup and do all the activities that I want, but only one thing makes my home the best to me and that thing is my family without my family my home wouldn’t even be close to the same. I hope that if I win the money goes to a family who needs it and I hope that they really enjoy their new home.