Grade 5


What I Want Most is a Home

I was flipping through a magazine and admiring all the beautiful houses and feeling hard done by, I looked up and through a window in my room and saw a homeless man sitting on the street and he caught my eye. His clothes were torn and dirty, and his hair was greasy. I also noticed that his shoes were cut and dented. I went outside because I wanted to ask him something. I went up to him and gave the destitute man a few coins, but he didn’t want it.
“ What I want the most is a home,” the homeless man said gently, “Why a home it’s just a place you live,” I muttered. “The meaning of home is where your thoughts and appreciation are all gathered up together in a space. A home means an enjoyable, happy place where you can live, laugh and learn. When you look at it from outside, home is just a house. A house is made out brick’s and home is made out of gold. People who have a home are truly lucky and fortuitous. Not many people think about how much effort people work to make a home and get one. You don’t need a home that’s elegant, it could be a home that is enough for yourself and the people you love. Home is where your heart is, so I think everyone deserves to know the meaning of home,” the homeless man whispered. I was so astonished that the poor man could wrap up all of those details of the meaning of a home. I thanked him and never felt so grateful in my whole life as I walked back to my room. I wasn’t thankful for such a lucky place where I could keep my heart until that day.