Grade 6


What i think the Meaning of home is

Today i’m going to be talking about the meaning of home and what it means to me

Home is important to me because when I’m cold I can lay down with a warm blanket on me. Home is also where I can eat lots of food such as Fruit and vegetables. Home is where I can be free and do whatever I want such as reading and drawing and much more stuff.

Home is where I’m always happy with everything around me
Home is where I keep my Feelings such as bad feelings, good feelings and sad feelings.
Home is where I life with my family Mom, Dad, sister and my 3 black cats and 1 black dog

Home is where whenever I’m sad I can go home and have some convert from my family such as my Mom. My mom has always been there for me. Home is where I keep all my Memories, such as good Memories and bad Memories and funny ones too. Home is where I’m with the people I love so my Mom, Dad, Sister and my 4 pets.

Home is where I can talk about anything with my family if its something bad or something good.
Home is where I can get lots of rest from a hard day from school and just lay down with my stuffed animals and watch TV with my sister. Home is where I can play lots of Video games like Roblox because that’s my favorite game

Home is where I don’t have to feel alone and I always have someone with me. Home is a place I come back to everyday from the Mall or a friend’s house. Home is where I can sleep as much as I want and when I wake up I can just lay down for a bit if I’m too tired or just don’t feel like getting out of my bed.

Home is where I can hang out with my pets and play with them with their toys and I can teach my dog how to do tricks. Home is where I can do anything I want such as reading and playing. Home is where I can have sleepovers with my friends at my house and we will watch a movie on the floor or on my bed and we can watch scary movies, funny ones, and dramatic one to.

Home is also a place where you can go every single day and hang out with the people you live with. Home is where I can drink lots of water and eat lots of food. It’s good to drink water but I can have pop everones in a while. My favorite pop is Dr Pepper.
Home is where i can also play outside with a ball, jump rope, bike, scooter, and many more things but i won’t list them all down but i’m sure you get what i mean.

Home is where you can make new Memories everyday and not even know it like when you got your first pet like something special. Home is where i can listen to music whenever i want and i can pick whichever song i want to listen to such as Rock, Soft, Calming, Sad and Happy my favorite is soft music, sad music and happy music. I do not like Rock it just doesn’t calm me and music ussully calms me when I’m feeling stressed or I have lots of anxiety.