Grade 6

bay de verd
Newfoundland and Labrador

What i think that home is.

What home is to me.

Home is a place you go to feel safe and loved with people you know,
Somewhere you are able to go so you don’t feel alone.
Home isn’t a place that you decide to call a home or a house,
Home is what you feel in your heart for you and the people that you decided to love.

Home shouldn’t be a place you go to fight,
It should be a place to go to see people you love.
All you do there is eat,sleep,and drink,
You can even go there if you need to think.

But Some people in this world don’t appreciate it,
But you should always know you’ll be safe and accepted.
When you go home you shouldn’t feel sad or upset,
But really believe me when you go home don’t fret.

Everyone should have somewhere to go after the day,
They aren’t able to go hide away from the thunder or the rain.
Even if that was you,you would still have a home inside of your heart,
Wherever your family is, that’s your home.

Some people aren’t as fortunate as you or me they live on the streets,
We know they shouldn’t have to but that’s just how the world works.
Just please for me and you appreciate what you have,
Don’t throw away everything you don’t use give it away make a hand me down.
It could make them feel like they have a home like me or you.

Home is a place to go to keep you warm and cozy,
It will always be a place to come back to after a bad day,
It’s somewhere for you to cry,somewhere to think,
Home isn’t something you see,home
is what you feel in your heart .